Thursday, August 12, 2021

Challenges faced by new teachers in starting their career

It’s been almost one and half years since we all are locked in our house and there are many industries where people have lost their jobs. Education is one such sector that has been hit hard and many teachers have lost their job, also the future looks grim and uncertain because the offline teaching is going to pick up slowly and no one knows whether it will once again employee those many teachers in the coming years.

In view of such uncertainty in the education field, I conducted an interview with Mr. Raj Goswami who runs YouTube channel Etutution Gujarati and have been actively raising issues related to teachers through his channel, as well as he has been mentoring teachers to adapt to the new change. My conversation will Mr. Goswami gave in insights about the challenges faced the teachers due to pandemic and he shared his views about how teachers should accept and adopt new technologies like EducationChamp App to keep pace with the change and earn money.


Excerpts from Raj sir’s Interview: 


Covid-19 resulted in a huge loss of jobs in 2 sectors which were the travel and education sectors. More than 30,000 teachers lost their jobs in a pandemic as per Raj Sir. According to him, the whole education ecosystem has seen drastic changes during Covid lockdown, due to which teachers have been facing many challenges. Initially, the transition from offline to online teaching was definitely not a cakewalk for many senior teachers who were used to the old system of classroom teaching and not very tech-savvy. Those who couldn’t adopt succumbed to the pressure and became unstable in a career without any fault of theirs. It is disheartening to see so many teachers struggling for their livelihood, as they are the nation builders who create achievers.

 According to Raj Sir, online education was introduced very late in our country, and during the Pandemic, everyone started shifting to the online mode of learning and teaching in a hurry without understanding it properly. Most of the teachers were not prepared for it and did not have the infrastructure to handle such a change, so it took them lot of effort to learn the new techniques and apply them in conducting their classes. Moreover, this was not possible for Government teachers, as neither the teacher nor the student had internet, laptop, or a smartphone facility easily available to them. Private schools and colleges adopted it in a hurry and created lots of pressure on their teachers to start teaching online. Now that online education is going to be the way of life in India, it makes sense to adjust to the new environment and learn the new technology.

 There are many online platforms on which teachers can start the 2nd inning of their career. However, Raj Sir cautioned the teachers to be careful in choosing the mode. He recommended EducationChamp App to the newcomers as well-established teachers who want to either start afresh career or boost their career. Raj Sir seemed very impressed with the innovative features provided in this app and he explained his understanding of the App which was a reflection of his research carried out on understanding this App. He was excited to conclude that “EducationChamp app can revolutionaries the whole education system in India”


Sir recommended every budding as well as a seasoned teacher to download this app on their mobile and use it to their benefit. According to him the best part of this app is, it is totally free to use and connects the teachers and students.


Dear blog readers, since it is not possible to transcript the whole interview here, may I request you to please listen to the whole interview on my podcast channel “EducationChamp - Podcast for Students and Teachers. The interview with Raj Sir was so interesting that many of you would correlate with what he said, so do listen to the podcast. I placed the link of this podcast below :

 Link of Raj Sir’s interview podcast:


To download EducationChamp App ->


You can find more details about EducationChamp on


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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Importance of part-time job in student’s life

When you're working part time, you don't have to rely on your parents for money. Your earning from part-time job lets you treat yourself to little luxuries, like going out with friends and buying things you need. It's even possible to set aside part of your earning to pay your tuition fee. When you start earning your own money, you are more conscious of how you spend it.

 Starting a part-time job early can help you build your own savings and also give you a better understanding of finances from a young age, which means you'll have a better understanding of budgeting and money management techniques as you get older. A part-time job can sharpen your skills that a university degree won’t teach. For instance, by working on your own, you can learn how to take initiatives and develop attention to details. In addition, you develop interpersonal skills and confidence. 


Working part-time can teach you the best ways to communicate with others, allowing you to think how your actions can affect other’s perception about you and vice versa. Whether you are doing your graduation or post-graduation, working part time can help you improve your maturity level.


In addition to helping build your personality, your part-time job will also give you financial independence, which will in-turn benefit you in the classroom and in your career. Managing your college classes, part-time job, socializing with friends, and time for hobbies will make you busy and completely occupied, but such a busy schedule will help you learn time management skills. As a result, you will become more organized and efficient with your planning. 

In India parent’s may have resistance to your working in a restaurant or taking up job as a delivery boy, so EducationChamp offers you a great opportunity to utilize your education and skills to start teaching junior class students. If you are in your graduation or post-graduation, you can always teach few subjects which you have mastered to the junior class students. By doing so, you refresh your subject knowledge at the same time get into the habit of reading. EducationChamp through it’s eC App for students, gives every college student an opportunity to register themselves and start teaching online or offline. You can manage everything using this eC App by just registering yourself as a teacher for the subjects which you can teach. 


There are many such part-time job opportunities for students, which you can explore. In my opinion every student should try few part-time jobs during their college life, this will add lot of value and improve your skills. 

Monday, July 19, 2021

How can a Mentor help teenagers decide their stream for graduation ?

Which stream should I select after my 10th ?

 In which field should I pursue my graduation 12th ?

 Should I take science or commerce, or should I go with my passion and take humanities ?

 Which path would be better – medical, engineering, law, BBA or CA ?

 These are some of the common questions students and parents have regarding which career path to choose. Today, when there are several options for graduation degree, like various flavors of ice cream, it has become much to select the right career path. Till a decade ago, students had very few options, but today’s teenagers have varied interests, passion and capabilities. In keeping with the changing times, our education system has also changed.

 With all these changes and variety of available options, one must realize that efforts bear fruit only if channelized in the right direction. So, selecting the right stream for graduation and then choosing the most appropriate subject of specialization plays a very important role in shaping up ones’ career. Today if the elder brother or sister in the house becomes doctor or chartered accountant then automatically the pressure comes on younger one that they are supposed to follow their elder ones and this is where the problem starts. EducationChamp provides you various options of Mentors to choose from.

 Every individual is different and every person has unique abilities. It is important to evaluate the abilities, interests and passion of the student to analyze which stream of graduation will be most suitable for him/her. This is where a mentor plays a crucial role in the life of the student. He or she can become a beacon light in your difficulties and can help you to come out of this situation. The solution to this state of confusion to decide the career path, comes from a well-educated and experienced mentor with wide exposure, who can carry the torch in his hands to brighten the path of your journey.

 Anybody who has taken birth on this earth has some or the other skill and the mentor through scientific methods and his experiences, highlights those positive traits of the students and helps them realize their capabilities and further sharpen their skills. The world is changing fast and it has become competitive; to survive one must keep sharpening his/her skills and use them for their benefit. In every field there are going to be top 5 % people who achieve success due to their extraordinary skills and you have to compete with them. To earn, first you have to learn, that’s the thumb rule and there is no alternate to knowledge and skill.

If you are learned (not just educated) you can easily sail and surf the waves. Remember everyone needs a coach – No Gyan without Guru. So don’t hesitate to use EducationChamp - Student App to select the right career mentor for yourself and the mentor will help you to achieve your goal. For more details, download the life time free EducationChamp App on your mobile from Play store or App store and use it to your benefit. Let your mobile become a tool for your success.  


Monday, June 7, 2021

Best Study techniques for Students

Studies are soo boring! I just don't wanna study! Oh God, Please save me from studies!!

This is what most of the students feel. Right? Who likes to go school, listen to the boring lectures and Study. We feel like doing something great in our lives pledging to study from tomorrow but at the end it all goes in vain. 

Do you ever feel like Studying harder after seeing the topper of your class? Ever wonder how successful life should be in next 10 years?

Studies is not easy and for the ones it is, they don't get the opportunity to do it. So, if you're a lucky one grab the opportunity to build a life you aspire to have. There are few most effective study techniques for the students struggling with boring school-college study patterns. Here are a few strategies you can opt for an shining career!

Schedule short productive Intervals

An American research says, taking break while studying increases your productivity. Schedule 3-4 hours for studies including a duration of 30mins study time followed by 10 mins break in between after every productive session. This refreshes mind and increases concentration power.


Everyone has lazy days when we don't wanna study we don't wanna work. All we want is stay back on bed. But the ones who overcame those low days are the real champions. Yes, you may study for less time or with more breaks but studying daily and maintaining the consistency is the actual key towards success.

Highlight Important Points

There are few important points in every unit which is known as keywords for a chapter. Highlight important topics, headings and questions while going through any topic. Fix any day in a week say, Sunday. Don't start anything fresh on that day. Just go through all the topics covered in the entire week or month. Keeping everything in mind is not possible for any human being. But practice increases the memorizing power.

Don't just Read 

Reading something enlightens our mind in that particular moment only. Do not just read while studying. Always keep a track of important points by writing. A self written point stays in mind for a longer time and it becomes easy to revise at the end. Draw flowchart, diagrams, hierarchical charts for better memorization.

Act like a Teacher

A teacher is expected to know everything in the book. Right?
So, study in such a way that you should be able to teach somebody else too. Speak loudly and explain the topics to yourself. Explain everything in such a manner that your ears and mind grasps the entire logic. Learn to dig the subjects and travel to the depth of it. 

Act Smartly

The one who is smart is lot more better than a hard worker. Acting smart in your studies, career, personal life or professional life is a crucial factor for everyone. And, training your mind to Act smartly Choosing wisely should begin from childhood. Don't walk on the unplanned endless roads waiting for success to come. Research, plan and then work upon on something for your Goal!

Students tend to follow wrong paths for their success which makes it difficult for them to actually achieve it. Some of the best study techniques have been listed for 21st century young minds after going through a lot of researches and advises by experienced leaders. Follow all the techniques religiously and pave a comfortable stone less path towards success!  

Sunday, June 6, 2021

How to study during Pandemic

Studies? It is not my cup of tea for most of the students! And studying online in such a global pandemic would be out of range for the rest of students. As a student, we lose motivation to sit back and concentrate. We lose hope for the situations to get better. Moreover, we don't want to STUDY! Conclusively, the fact is we have to, we have to pass and each one of us has to build career. So here are a few fun tips for students struggling with studies. Every student can succeed with these tips and gloom their career in any of the paths they aspire!

Tip #1 -  Fix your Schedule!
Fix your priorities, if you want to succeed. It is a tested saying by most of the successful people. For exceling in something one needs to begin with that firstly. Make your schedule by balancing your priorities and start working on it religiously. Don't lose hope if you break your rules. Plan, plan again and keep on planning until it becomes your habit. Wake up and Work. Work for yourself!

Tip #2 -  Fix a Desk!
Choose a comfortable spot of your house and place your desk there. Studying on desk increases concentration and keeps your mind alert. It minimizes distractions promotes productivity. A desk isn't overly comfortable so the risk of poor posture or falling asleep is also minimized, which is a major issue in student life. Having a desk to study at is a great way to ensure your books, notepads and stationery can all be kept neatly in one place. With a desk, you can also ensure that your bed is left as a relaxing and peaceful space that will encourage you to sleep, as well as improve the quality of sleep you experience.

Tip #3 -  Stay Motivated!
Losing hope in this pandemic is normal. Keep reading motivational books. A research shows that reading stimulates mind during downtime. Begin physical exercises. Being physically active is important for an active brain. It is important to manage your mental health in these difficult times. Once you started focusing to become a better student, your mind starts to keep you motivated.

Following these simple tips and tricks could improve your performance in studies. In an global pandemic, students following a strict schedule surpassing the distractions can grow more in their career. During school and college times, a lot of time is wasted in visiting educational centers, roaming with friends resulting less time for studies. This is a great time for students to get a hike in their knowledge and excel upon career.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Which study techniques do the top students follow?


It’s the most effective and quickest way.

50% studying & 50% applying your knowledge

For every half hour of studying, you take the same time to take practice tests.

Why? Easy - each test question targets very specific abilities. Are you going to have to write an essay, short answers, do a multiple choice test or solve math problems? Are you going to have to argue, analyze, reproduce knowledge or explain? By taking practice exams you get used to how you’re supposed to apply what you rememberHow you use what you remember is often more important than how much you really remember.

It’s also a lot more active than studying. You have to reproduce your knowledge and apply it. You don’t just read about Entropy or the Categorical Imperative, but actually have to answer questions about it and explain it, which is a lot harder. You will get a better sense of what you actually do understand and what you should maybe look at a little closer. It’s super easy to seemingly understand a concept when you have your notes, that you just read, right under your nose. Explaining requires a true understanding of the matter at hand.

Personally I always try to find previous exams of that teacher about the same subject and if I can’t get any, I’ll phrase questions myself. Try to narrow down what the test is actually about as much as possible and take into account on what concept the teacher lay great stress on.

After doing a practice exam you correct it yourself, using your notes and phrasing more ideal answers. You will become quite aware of what you already know and what topics you should focus on. Plus you’ll be less nervous when taking the actual test!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

What are some good hobbies and interests to put on a resume?


  1. Individual Sports (Marathon Running) - You're fit and you enjoy challenges.
  2. Team Sports (Basketball) - You excel at teamwork and have leadership skills.
  3. Extreme Sports (Motocross) - A risk taker (bad for desk jobs).
  4. Tech Hobbies (Computing) - Tech savvy and introverted (not great for social jobs).
  5. Puzzles (Crosswords) - You're an analytical thinker with problem-solving skills.
  6. Games (Chess) - You're an intelligent strategist.
  7. Social Hobbies (Mentoring) - You communicate well and connect with others.
  8. Blogging on a subject or published writings (whatever industry you’re in).
  9. Part of a group or association – (i.e. Member of the New York web development conference).
  10. Activities that show leadership in something – (i.e. – Organized and lead a nonprofit aimed at feeding the hungry).
  11. Social/Charitable – (i.e. – Mentor for Big Brother program, Volunteering at the local soup kitchen).
  12. Anything else that could be of relevance to the job. You can use both hard and soft skills to show an employer you’re the right fit for the job.

Monday, July 20, 2020

What are the top hobbies that make you smarter?

 Any hobby that allows you to experience from the Learning Loop will make you better, stronger and smarter.

So long as you absorb and apply feedback through this loop, you’ll become smarter.

Beyond this learning loop, these hobbies are proven to help people lead a smarter and balanced life.

Reading - Expand Your Mind

Warren Buffet told students at a Columbia Business School: “Read 500 pages…every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it.” Enough said :).

Writing - Structure How You Brain Thinks

Jeff Bezos doesn’t allow his employees to express new ideas as slides….he only accepts written documents and narratives. There’s good reason for this. Writing is one of the best ways to train yourself how to structure an argument, build a story and convey ideas logically.

Education - Build Intellectual Wealth

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, said “I am concerned that too many people are focused too much on money and not on their greatest wealth, which is their education.” Education is one of the best ways to expand your mind and increase intelligence.

Music - Expanded Cognitive Skills

While studies differ on whether there is such a thing as the Mozart Effect (a hypothesis put forward by Dr Gordon Shaw, that listening to Mozart while studying boosts IQ), listening to music is one of the very best ways to get into ‘flow’. Whether you’re studying or working on a complex problem, music can help your brain do its best work. And playing a musical instrument has been proven to increase cognitive skills and brain function. So if music is food for your ears, eat well and nutritiously :)

Martial Arts/Dance/Yoga/Focused Exercise - Know Your Body, Know Yourself

Intellectual intelligence is different from body intelligence. Truly knowing ourselves requires us to connect our mind and our body. Any hobby that does this - martial arts, dance, yoga, sports - will help you build this connection and learn about yourself.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

how to develop a hobby!!

Create a zone for your hobby. A zone should have time, place, ambience and comfort. This zone should be sacred. You must be in zone daily or as you schedule.

Information hunt. Find sources for your hobby, develop knowledge about it.

Inspiration place. You must have inspiration for your hobby. You must not get bored with it.

Always in check. No matter what you're going through, don't drop your excitement for the zone. This will keep your mind healthy.

Good luck!!!

Friday, July 17, 2020

Best effective mehtods!

There are no hard and fast rules for the "best" study methods. Different people may have different ways to go about the same problem, so in the end it all depends on what works for you. I will list down some of the methods I have tried adopting and are some sure shots methods bound to work for everybody.
Write. Write everything down.
Do not rely on your memory. No matter how great your photographic memory is, it is bound to get erased or over written after some time, Time which depends on your retaining power.
The best way to retain something forever is to write it. Then and there. It may be with a pen and paper or in the electronic form, whatever works for you. While carrying a pen/paper may not always convenient, everybody carries a mobile phone, the perfect repository for your thoughts/learnings.
One of my very learned teachers once said, everybody can understand things, its about recalling them in exam. This line has stuck with me since. Revise, go over things again and again. This creates a permanent picture in your mind with the sequence of events which you can reproduce any time, anywhere.
Our teachers in school used to ask us to recall,at bedtime, everything we did the day. Now I realize the multiple benefits of inculcating this habit. As easy as it may sound, it helps you look at your achievements/mistakes and learn from them, acting as a memory boost for lifetime.
Another good way to create a permanent image in mind is to associate things. This is said to work best for building vocabulary wherein you associate the words with things in life, create a picture in mind, draw it, relate it to something.
If it works for vocabulary building it can work for many other things as well.
Build a memory map with interconnected images that hops from one image to another making it a story for you.
While learning a new fact, discuss it with somebody. Explain. They say you've not understood your concepts well if you can't explain them to a child. This helps you to clear your doubts and in the process refines your understanding.
To check your understanding and give a clear, crisp and precise form to it, reorganize it in your own words. Give an alternate meaning and it gets etched in your memory in the words you produced it in.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

How can you be a good student & easily understand any subject?

By being a natural learner. Being curious, observant and a listener. By not living in pre-conceived notions about the world and questioning what makes you curious or what you don't know.

By being honest and relaxed with yourself. Accept yourself the way you are. That's when you will learn. And enjoy learning.

When you don't feel like studying, there must be a reason. You would have a need to do something else. Do that, be happy and come back to study when you happily feel like coming back to it 100%.

Also be a doer of things. Practice what you get to know and learn. Education is complete only when we:
1. Gain knowledge (Know)
2. Apply knowledge (Do)
3. Demonstrate that learning in yourself - personality/character/attitude

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Efficient Strategies for studying for students!!

You may be a student in a school or college or you are self teaching yourself. Whichever it is, there are some strategies I use and that I proved to be successful.

  1. Know your goal. Is it to get good grades in college or is it to enlighten yourself and build understanding of a subject matter? Generally good grades aren't directly related to your understanding of the detailed concepts. They are sometimes dependent on the teacher, the school or college etc.
  2. Collect your most relevant materials. Be systematic here to rank which of the books, slides, tutorial videos are the best and most relevant to your goal. To be honest here, around 90 percent of the materials you get are irrelevant and simply wasting your time.
  3. Do not miss classes if you are a student. Understand the way your teacher teaches. Figure out conceptual information that is encapsulated within what you are learning. Be very curious and ask yourself questions around what is being taught.
  4. Refrain from using too much social media. They are all distractions and wastage of time.
  5. Eat brain healthy food such as oily fish, avocado, green tea, eggs, vegetables, blue berries, etc.
  6. Prepare for your study. Avoid distractions. If you are exhausted, have a rest and meditate first. Use music for study. Focus on very important concepts. Understand the concepts first don't just read. Correlate with your existing understanding of related concepts. Use paper and pen. Write down what you understood. Challenge yourself with a quiz. Do this for around two hours and stop there. Have a short break. Have a snack. Then continue studying for the second round.
  7. Be deep thinker and critically think about what you're studying while you're actually not studying. This includes while you're eating, travelling and essentially every kind of the routine activities.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Education and life balance tips for students!

The situation of balancing life and education only comes when you have no extra thing i.e. ECA to do in college or any other thing which makes you feel happy or in case study which never ever makes any one happy a person like me but no offence to the one who like study also.

Coming to the point there are few things which you can do to make education and life balance:

1.     try to make a schedule and stick to it if u can.

2.     Meet new people around do studies as well as explore your own self.

3.     Enjoy every moment, get the maximum out of it.    

Don’t stress upon things as if you do so then your balance will get disturbed and then you will be on the either side as stress can be from bot education side as well your personal life also. Hope all this will help you in maintaining the balance.

Friday, July 10, 2020

How do I develop interest in studies?

Studies doesn't happen , you have to do it .

  • Understand your motives and goals
  • Understand the importance of study for your career
  • You can act maximum scholastic achievement if you study enough
  • Think and accept that being a student you have certain responsibilities
  • Most important think maturely and behave in sensible way regarding your studies
  • Think how much sincerely you are performing your tasks
  • being a student accept the realities of student Life.

Thank you

Thursday, July 9, 2020

What could be the best option for students in career after 10th standard?

Hello there! I’ve just passed my 10th board exams so I thought that I can answer this question. The best opinion of career after 10th actually depends upon the interest of students. I have heard many juniors saying that they’ll opt according to their grades in Xth boards. Even I had that misconception but once you enter class XI you find the course substantially different than class X. It’s what I call a depth of subject. So, one should choose a subject as per his comfort-ability and dedication of studying that subject and not on 10th grades. One more thing : Best opinion of career can be found in any subject if studied with excellency.
Be it Commerce , Maths ,Bio or Arts.

Hope, this will help you!!

Challenges faced by new teachers in starting their career

It’s been almost one and half years since we all are locked in our house and there are many industries where people have lost their jobs. Ed...