Monday, June 7, 2021

Best Study techniques for Students

Studies are soo boring! I just don't wanna study! Oh God, Please save me from studies!!

This is what most of the students feel. Right? Who likes to go school, listen to the boring lectures and Study. We feel like doing something great in our lives pledging to study from tomorrow but at the end it all goes in vain. 

Do you ever feel like Studying harder after seeing the topper of your class? Ever wonder how successful life should be in next 10 years?

Studies is not easy and for the ones it is, they don't get the opportunity to do it. So, if you're a lucky one grab the opportunity to build a life you aspire to have. There are few most effective study techniques for the students struggling with boring school-college study patterns. Here are a few strategies you can opt for an shining career!

Schedule short productive Intervals

An American research says, taking break while studying increases your productivity. Schedule 3-4 hours for studies including a duration of 30mins study time followed by 10 mins break in between after every productive session. This refreshes mind and increases concentration power.


Everyone has lazy days when we don't wanna study we don't wanna work. All we want is stay back on bed. But the ones who overcame those low days are the real champions. Yes, you may study for less time or with more breaks but studying daily and maintaining the consistency is the actual key towards success.

Highlight Important Points

There are few important points in every unit which is known as keywords for a chapter. Highlight important topics, headings and questions while going through any topic. Fix any day in a week say, Sunday. Don't start anything fresh on that day. Just go through all the topics covered in the entire week or month. Keeping everything in mind is not possible for any human being. But practice increases the memorizing power.

Don't just Read 

Reading something enlightens our mind in that particular moment only. Do not just read while studying. Always keep a track of important points by writing. A self written point stays in mind for a longer time and it becomes easy to revise at the end. Draw flowchart, diagrams, hierarchical charts for better memorization.

Act like a Teacher

A teacher is expected to know everything in the book. Right?
So, study in such a way that you should be able to teach somebody else too. Speak loudly and explain the topics to yourself. Explain everything in such a manner that your ears and mind grasps the entire logic. Learn to dig the subjects and travel to the depth of it. 

Act Smartly

The one who is smart is lot more better than a hard worker. Acting smart in your studies, career, personal life or professional life is a crucial factor for everyone. And, training your mind to Act smartly Choosing wisely should begin from childhood. Don't walk on the unplanned endless roads waiting for success to come. Research, plan and then work upon on something for your Goal!

Students tend to follow wrong paths for their success which makes it difficult for them to actually achieve it. Some of the best study techniques have been listed for 21st century young minds after going through a lot of researches and advises by experienced leaders. Follow all the techniques religiously and pave a comfortable stone less path towards success!  

Sunday, June 6, 2021

How to study during Pandemic

Studies? It is not my cup of tea for most of the students! And studying online in such a global pandemic would be out of range for the rest of students. As a student, we lose motivation to sit back and concentrate. We lose hope for the situations to get better. Moreover, we don't want to STUDY! Conclusively, the fact is we have to, we have to pass and each one of us has to build career. So here are a few fun tips for students struggling with studies. Every student can succeed with these tips and gloom their career in any of the paths they aspire!

Tip #1 -  Fix your Schedule!
Fix your priorities, if you want to succeed. It is a tested saying by most of the successful people. For exceling in something one needs to begin with that firstly. Make your schedule by balancing your priorities and start working on it religiously. Don't lose hope if you break your rules. Plan, plan again and keep on planning until it becomes your habit. Wake up and Work. Work for yourself!

Tip #2 -  Fix a Desk!
Choose a comfortable spot of your house and place your desk there. Studying on desk increases concentration and keeps your mind alert. It minimizes distractions promotes productivity. A desk isn't overly comfortable so the risk of poor posture or falling asleep is also minimized, which is a major issue in student life. Having a desk to study at is a great way to ensure your books, notepads and stationery can all be kept neatly in one place. With a desk, you can also ensure that your bed is left as a relaxing and peaceful space that will encourage you to sleep, as well as improve the quality of sleep you experience.

Tip #3 -  Stay Motivated!
Losing hope in this pandemic is normal. Keep reading motivational books. A research shows that reading stimulates mind during downtime. Begin physical exercises. Being physically active is important for an active brain. It is important to manage your mental health in these difficult times. Once you started focusing to become a better student, your mind starts to keep you motivated.

Following these simple tips and tricks could improve your performance in studies. In an global pandemic, students following a strict schedule surpassing the distractions can grow more in their career. During school and college times, a lot of time is wasted in visiting educational centers, roaming with friends resulting less time for studies. This is a great time for students to get a hike in their knowledge and excel upon career.

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