Thursday, July 22, 2021

Importance of part-time job in student’s life

When you're working part time, you don't have to rely on your parents for money. Your earning from part-time job lets you treat yourself to little luxuries, like going out with friends and buying things you need. It's even possible to set aside part of your earning to pay your tuition fee. When you start earning your own money, you are more conscious of how you spend it.

 Starting a part-time job early can help you build your own savings and also give you a better understanding of finances from a young age, which means you'll have a better understanding of budgeting and money management techniques as you get older. A part-time job can sharpen your skills that a university degree won’t teach. For instance, by working on your own, you can learn how to take initiatives and develop attention to details. In addition, you develop interpersonal skills and confidence. 


Working part-time can teach you the best ways to communicate with others, allowing you to think how your actions can affect other’s perception about you and vice versa. Whether you are doing your graduation or post-graduation, working part time can help you improve your maturity level.


In addition to helping build your personality, your part-time job will also give you financial independence, which will in-turn benefit you in the classroom and in your career. Managing your college classes, part-time job, socializing with friends, and time for hobbies will make you busy and completely occupied, but such a busy schedule will help you learn time management skills. As a result, you will become more organized and efficient with your planning. 

In India parent’s may have resistance to your working in a restaurant or taking up job as a delivery boy, so EducationChamp offers you a great opportunity to utilize your education and skills to start teaching junior class students. If you are in your graduation or post-graduation, you can always teach few subjects which you have mastered to the junior class students. By doing so, you refresh your subject knowledge at the same time get into the habit of reading. EducationChamp through it’s eC App for students, gives every college student an opportunity to register themselves and start teaching online or offline. You can manage everything using this eC App by just registering yourself as a teacher for the subjects which you can teach. 


There are many such part-time job opportunities for students, which you can explore. In my opinion every student should try few part-time jobs during their college life, this will add lot of value and improve your skills. 

Monday, July 19, 2021

How can a Mentor help teenagers decide their stream for graduation ?

Which stream should I select after my 10th ?

 In which field should I pursue my graduation 12th ?

 Should I take science or commerce, or should I go with my passion and take humanities ?

 Which path would be better – medical, engineering, law, BBA or CA ?

 These are some of the common questions students and parents have regarding which career path to choose. Today, when there are several options for graduation degree, like various flavors of ice cream, it has become much to select the right career path. Till a decade ago, students had very few options, but today’s teenagers have varied interests, passion and capabilities. In keeping with the changing times, our education system has also changed.

 With all these changes and variety of available options, one must realize that efforts bear fruit only if channelized in the right direction. So, selecting the right stream for graduation and then choosing the most appropriate subject of specialization plays a very important role in shaping up ones’ career. Today if the elder brother or sister in the house becomes doctor or chartered accountant then automatically the pressure comes on younger one that they are supposed to follow their elder ones and this is where the problem starts. EducationChamp provides you various options of Mentors to choose from.

 Every individual is different and every person has unique abilities. It is important to evaluate the abilities, interests and passion of the student to analyze which stream of graduation will be most suitable for him/her. This is where a mentor plays a crucial role in the life of the student. He or she can become a beacon light in your difficulties and can help you to come out of this situation. The solution to this state of confusion to decide the career path, comes from a well-educated and experienced mentor with wide exposure, who can carry the torch in his hands to brighten the path of your journey.

 Anybody who has taken birth on this earth has some or the other skill and the mentor through scientific methods and his experiences, highlights those positive traits of the students and helps them realize their capabilities and further sharpen their skills. The world is changing fast and it has become competitive; to survive one must keep sharpening his/her skills and use them for their benefit. In every field there are going to be top 5 % people who achieve success due to their extraordinary skills and you have to compete with them. To earn, first you have to learn, that’s the thumb rule and there is no alternate to knowledge and skill.

If you are learned (not just educated) you can easily sail and surf the waves. Remember everyone needs a coach – No Gyan without Guru. So don’t hesitate to use EducationChamp - Student App to select the right career mentor for yourself and the mentor will help you to achieve your goal. For more details, download the life time free EducationChamp App on your mobile from Play store or App store and use it to your benefit. Let your mobile become a tool for your success.  


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