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Challenges faced by new teachers in starting their career

It’s been almost one and half years since we all are locked in our house and there are many industries where people have lost their jobs. Education is one such sector that has been hit hard and many teachers have lost their job, also the future looks grim and uncertain because the offline teaching is going to pick up slowly and no one knows whether it will once again employee those many teachers in the coming years.

In view of such uncertainty in the education field, I conducted an interview with Mr. Raj Goswami who runs YouTube channel Etutution Gujarati and have been actively raising issues related to teachers through his channel, as well as he has been mentoring teachers to adapt to the new change. My conversation will Mr. Goswami gave in insights about the challenges faced the teachers due to pandemic and he shared his views about how teachers should accept and adopt new technologies like EducationChamp App to keep pace with the change and earn money.


Excerpts from Raj sir’s Interview: 


Covid-19 resulted in a huge loss of jobs in 2 sectors which were the travel and education sectors. More than 30,000 teachers lost their jobs in a pandemic as per Raj Sir. According to him, the whole education ecosystem has seen drastic changes during Covid lockdown, due to which teachers have been facing many challenges. Initially, the transition from offline to online teaching was definitely not a cakewalk for many senior teachers who were used to the old system of classroom teaching and not very tech-savvy. Those who couldn’t adopt succumbed to the pressure and became unstable in a career without any fault of theirs. It is disheartening to see so many teachers struggling for their livelihood, as they are the nation builders who create achievers.

 According to Raj Sir, online education was introduced very late in our country, and during the Pandemic, everyone started shifting to the online mode of learning and teaching in a hurry without understanding it properly. Most of the teachers were not prepared for it and did not have the infrastructure to handle such a change, so it took them lot of effort to learn the new techniques and apply them in conducting their classes. Moreover, this was not possible for Government teachers, as neither the teacher nor the student had internet, laptop, or a smartphone facility easily available to them. Private schools and colleges adopted it in a hurry and created lots of pressure on their teachers to start teaching online. Now that online education is going to be the way of life in India, it makes sense to adjust to the new environment and learn the new technology.

 There are many online platforms on which teachers can start the 2nd inning of their career. However, Raj Sir cautioned the teachers to be careful in choosing the mode. He recommended EducationChamp App to the newcomers as well-established teachers who want to either start afresh career or boost their career. Raj Sir seemed very impressed with the innovative features provided in this app and he explained his understanding of the App which was a reflection of his research carried out on understanding this App. He was excited to conclude that “EducationChamp app can revolutionaries the whole education system in India”


Sir recommended every budding as well as a seasoned teacher to download this app on their mobile and use it to their benefit. According to him the best part of this app is, it is totally free to use and connects the teachers and students.


Dear blog readers, since it is not possible to transcript the whole interview here, may I request you to please listen to the whole interview on my podcast channel “EducationChamp - Podcast for Students and Teachers. The interview with Raj Sir was so interesting that many of you would correlate with what he said, so do listen to the podcast. I placed the link of this podcast below :

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Challenges faced by new teachers in starting their career

It’s been almost one and half years since we all are locked in our house and there are many industries where people have lost their jobs. Ed...