Monday, July 13, 2020

Education and life balance tips for students!

The situation of balancing life and education only comes when you have no extra thing i.e. ECA to do in college or any other thing which makes you feel happy or in case study which never ever makes any one happy a person like me but no offence to the one who like study also.

Coming to the point there are few things which you can do to make education and life balance:

1.     try to make a schedule and stick to it if u can.

2.     Meet new people around do studies as well as explore your own self.

3.     Enjoy every moment, get the maximum out of it.    

Don’t stress upon things as if you do so then your balance will get disturbed and then you will be on the either side as stress can be from bot education side as well your personal life also. Hope all this will help you in maintaining the balance.

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