Friday, June 5, 2020

Some good advices for new teachers!!

Teaching is a very challenging profession. It is more challenging for a novice teacher. Therefore, do not choose this profession with the statement,“If not fit in another profession then there's teaching.”

If you really eager to be a teacher then the following points may help you.

  • Pre-plan: Master over the subject matter. What and how are you going to teach each and every day?
  • Be trained: Either before or after joining the profession be trained from the training centre/colleges/university.
  • Take part in refreshment trainings/workshops/seminars: These days there are plenty of training institutes. Take part in those sessions.
  • Teach with touch: At first, know your students. Touch them with your ability, skills. Whatever you teach, bring variations in your pedagogy.
  • Be a guider/role model/fun loving/enthusiast: Guide your students towards the correct path. To teach doesn't mean only to complete text book. Primary kids are really energetic so engage them through different ways.

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