Wednesday, July 15, 2020

How can you be a good student & easily understand any subject?

By being a natural learner. Being curious, observant and a listener. By not living in pre-conceived notions about the world and questioning what makes you curious or what you don't know.

By being honest and relaxed with yourself. Accept yourself the way you are. That's when you will learn. And enjoy learning.

When you don't feel like studying, there must be a reason. You would have a need to do something else. Do that, be happy and come back to study when you happily feel like coming back to it 100%.

Also be a doer of things. Practice what you get to know and learn. Education is complete only when we:
1. Gain knowledge (Know)
2. Apply knowledge (Do)
3. Demonstrate that learning in yourself - personality/character/attitude

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