Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Efficient Strategies for studying for students!!

You may be a student in a school or college or you are self teaching yourself. Whichever it is, there are some strategies I use and that I proved to be successful.

  1. Know your goal. Is it to get good grades in college or is it to enlighten yourself and build understanding of a subject matter? Generally good grades aren't directly related to your understanding of the detailed concepts. They are sometimes dependent on the teacher, the school or college etc.
  2. Collect your most relevant materials. Be systematic here to rank which of the books, slides, tutorial videos are the best and most relevant to your goal. To be honest here, around 90 percent of the materials you get are irrelevant and simply wasting your time.
  3. Do not miss classes if you are a student. Understand the way your teacher teaches. Figure out conceptual information that is encapsulated within what you are learning. Be very curious and ask yourself questions around what is being taught.
  4. Refrain from using too much social media. They are all distractions and wastage of time.
  5. Eat brain healthy food such as oily fish, avocado, green tea, eggs, vegetables, blue berries, etc.
  6. Prepare for your study. Avoid distractions. If you are exhausted, have a rest and meditate first. Use music for study. Focus on very important concepts. Understand the concepts first don't just read. Correlate with your existing understanding of related concepts. Use paper and pen. Write down what you understood. Challenge yourself with a quiz. Do this for around two hours and stop there. Have a short break. Have a snack. Then continue studying for the second round.
  7. Be deep thinker and critically think about what you're studying while you're actually not studying. This includes while you're eating, travelling and essentially every kind of the routine activities.

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